ERAS Application Photo for Medical students.

Make an Impression.

A session with NY Headshots is the most stress free way to get a great image for your application. Our professional photographers will walk you through every step, from the proper stance to the most natural look. We take care of the formatting requirements as a part of the package, so you can just upload it and be ready to go. We’ll make sure you have excellent options, and we’ll be there to help you select the best one. Your upcoming residency or fellowship is an incredibly exciting time for you and we are here to make it easy and fun.

In response to “applicants’ and schools’ need for more flexibility,” the AAMC is allowing for application submission through MyERAS. You can begin to apply for your medical residency and fellowship before the official application cycle begins. If you’re looking to get your ERAS application in a soon as possible, note that you will not be able to make any changes to your application throughout the early opening. So to help make this stressful process go a little bit smoother, NY Headshots will help you to take care of your portrait.

Stand out by going the extra mile on the photo. A clean, professional photograph signals your attention to detail. A professional photo will look miles better than an amateur picture taken against a white wall. Your portrait should reveal warmth, confidence, and directness. Programs through ERAS use your photograph to identify you when you arrive for an interview, and as a memory aid when creating a rank list. Make it refreshing for the people looking at applications all day.

We will format the image for you.

You may submit one photograph to the EFDO by uploading your digital photograph through EFDO online services. ERAS has specific requirements: JPG format, maximum file size 100 kb, no larger than 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches in size. The picture must be a clear full front view of your head and shoulders. Your expression should be natural, with your eyes open and looking into the camera.

We are looking forward to meeting you and capturing your true you.